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About Patty

At a young age, Patty discovered her love for fashion. Being raised in a family with strong artistic ties and inspired by Paris fashion street style, she became fearless with her choice of style. She initially pursued a degree in Biology and Economy, but after some professional years in these fields, she realised she was destined for fashion. She started designing dresses for herself and her friends. Later she studied intensively as a makeup stylist, personality Feng Shui and business etiquette consultant. After more and more friends asked her for a makeover and dating advice, she decided to start her ‘perfect partner coaching’ business.
Patty lived and worked in several countries like China, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Australia and currently Slovenia in Europe; she believes that fashion can enrich and connect our world with ideas that express people in different moods and customs. She sees fashion as art to impress people and provide them with a style that empowers their personalities.
Whether she is consulting her distinguished clients or working tireless on new ideas and products, she remains a happy, inspiring and energetic figure in the world of fashion.