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Personal Fashion

Do you want to change your appearance? If yes, you are not alone. It’s a common desire for many people, particularly young women. Chances are, you’re already beautiful and you just have to learn how to present yourself in a more empowering way.

Perfect Partner Coaching

I help beautiful but lonely souls searching for their perfect partner get rid of their insecurities about their look and appearance in as little as 30 days, so they can experience levels of self-confidence and passion that they haven’t previously imagined.

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Closet Consultation

A good first impression is important. Research has found most dating outcomes are decided in the first 2-3 minutes. Therefore, what you wear, your hairstyle and make-up needs to be a mindful ritual to express your style, personality and authenticity.

Free Discovery Session

The one-on-one 30 min discovery session is laser-focused and designed to cut through the chase to help you gain clarity on your process of finding the perfect partner. You will work with Patty to identify:

– Your top priorities so you know what to do first to attract your perfect partner.
– Your current situation, including disempowering beliefs getting in the way of you meeting the right partner.
– New ideas and immediate steps you can take now to get started.

Discovery Session

"Give a girl the right kind of shoes, and she will rule the world"

Marilyn Monroe

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year. Style is what you pick out of that Fashion..."

"Style is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to SPEAK."

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