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Magnetize Your Dating

Do I Really Need A Dating Coach?

Modern dating is not for everyone. After years of endless messaging that goes nowhere, boring first dates, and scammers hurting their feelings, they give up. Unfortunately, if this is your story, you are not alone! The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this hard. In my experience, modern dating can be very effective and fun when you know how to make it work for you.

What Is This Bestselling Program About?

Did you know successful people have coaches? So said, a coach is someone whose main task is to teach, inspire and help improve at something. Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins and even Buddha had a coach. Imagine for a moment what you’d have or be now if you had the support, advice and accountability of a coach? Now, this is your chance to get your personal dating coach, helping you magnetize your dating.

What You'll Learn

In this ‘Magnetize Your Dating” one-on-one coaching program, you’ll learn to

  • Evaluate your past and current dating strategies
  • Discuss a different approach to online dating
  • Brainstorm content for your profile to attract the kind of person you are looking for
  • Choose the best pictures that represent you the best
  • Essential style and makeup tips
  • Basic communication and conversational techniques
  • Suggesting the ideal platform for your needs

  • Magnetize Your Dating Coaching Program Investment
  • Total duration: four weeks
  • Four one hour zoom one-on-one sessions (Value $400)
  • Q&A via Line during the time of the program (Value $200)
  • Bonus for any other programs offered by Patty: $100
  • Total Value: $697
  • Total Investment: $210 (70% off)
    I am offering a substantial discount because this is a new coaching program. I am cutting my margins so much to make it available to as many women as possible during this challenging pandemic.

  • Magnetize Your dating
    Wildy Successful Coaching

    Premium Coaching

    Wildly Successful Dating

    Do You Want To Take Your Dating Experience To The Next Level?

    Wildly Successful Dating is my premium package for women serious about overcoming self-doubts and being ready to stand out and shine bright in dating and relationships. This program is about self-discovery, growth, makeover, and overcoming roadblocks and fears. This is for serious applicants only.

    Why Would You Benefit From This Premium Program?

    In this premium program, I will be your support, mentor, and coach and keep you accountable for every phase of the program. This program is working with your inner world but also with your look. These are some topics we will work through:

  • A complete makeover of your style
  • Hairstyle makeover
  • Makeup tips and tricks
  • Dating etiquette and overcoming nervousness
  • How to take care of your inner self
  • How to take care of your body and skin
  • Writing perfect bios and designing your profile
  • Dating communication strategies
  • Maintaining long-distance relationships
  • First date ideas & strategy to connect and build rapport
  • Getting over a breakup
  • Recognizing scammers
  • Best suitable dating platform

  • Premium Program Investment
  • Total duration: 3 Months
  • 12 one hour zoom one-on-one sessions (Value $1200)
  • Q&A via Line during the time of the program (Value $400)
  • Follow-up advise and coaching via email (Value $400)
  • Bonus: Professional expert health advice (Value $250)
  • Bonus: Working through limiting beliefs with a specialized practitioner (Value $250)
  • Bonus: Lifetime access to all my inner circle training videos and future updates ($500)
    Total Value: $3000
    Your Investment: $2000

  • Makeover & Personal Styling

    Stand Out And Shine Bright

    Deciding If This Is Right For You

    This is for you if
    1. You don’t know what to wear, so you keep on grabbing the same thing over and over, and you’re bored of your look
    2. You’re wasting money when shopping a lot of the time because you don’t know what to wear your pieces with,
    3. You’re going through a transitional stage in your life, and you want your wardrobe to meet and reflect that
    4. You’re more panicked than excited when invited to a social event because you don’t know what to wear or where to start in finding the right outfit
    5. You’re more panicked than excited when invited to a social event or dating, But you don’t know what to wear or where to start in finding the right outfit

    What You'll Learn

    Decipher your Style
    Find and refine your unique style. Whether you love style OR think you have no style, I’ll show you how to hone in on your beautiful style that showcases your most authentic self.

    Decode your Body Type
    Learn my proven techniques on how to figure out your specific body type and how to dress for every occasion!

    A step‐by‐step guide to detoxing your closet of everything from pants to cocktail gowns to accessories

    Shop like a Style Coach
    Learn expert tips on how to be a pro shopper. You’ll soon understand how to cut your shopping time in half while making it more successful, so you’ll come home with the right items every time.

    Easily Make Endless Outfits
    I’ll teach my tricks on creating endless outfits by becoming a mix & match pro!


    1 month coaching (1hr/week) Valued $600
    1 hr follow-up consultation Valued $150

    Total of 5 weeks email support Valued $250
    Total Value: $1000
    Special Offer For a Limited Time: $550

    Stand Out And Shine Bright